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Global Economic Significance of Business Events

Global Economic Significance of Business Events

This study on the global economic significance of business events, conducted by Oxford Economics, is unprecedented research that could only be accomplished through the collaborative efforts of the public and private sectors to qualify the value, influence, and impact that business events produce throughout the world. It further enables this dynamic industry to benchmark its current contributions and track its future growth.

The data in this study provide a clear and credible statistical base on which to gain recognition for this vast and diverse industry as a vital economic driver and clearly articulates the downstream benefits to other industries and the people who work in them. Anyone who reads this report will better understand the economic significance as well as the depth and breadth of the global business events industry.

While this study focuses on the value of the industry to the overall global economy, the many other benefits resulting from the business events that are held should not be overlooked. To the millions of attendees annually, these events provide an invaluable source of adult learning, continuing education for professional certifications and licensure, a forum for developing and maintaining professional contacts, an effective and efficient means of enhancing sales efforts, a medium for information exchange leading to innovation, new medical treatments and research breakthroughs, among other benefits.



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